Vous trouverez Below you will find the various materials published by Sentinelles, such as the journal, annual reports, brochures or books.


The Sentinelles newspaper consists of reports, stories, testimonies and photographs received from the programs. It is published every two months with a circulation of about 35’000 copies.

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Translations for the journal are done by valuable Sentinelles volunteers as well as by volunteers from PerMondo: translations for non-profit, an initiative offering free translation services for NGOs. The PerMondo translators and proofreaders who contributed to the journal are Floriane François / Alex Gardiner / Simone Gruhl / Anja Jetter / Thomas McGuinn / Ana-Maria Wilson.



The annual reports present the activities and financial results of the past year.

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Fifteen years after his death, three close collaborators of Edmond Kaiser publish a collection of his writings: testimonies, invectives, notes, chronicles, etc.

Edmond Kaiser died on March 4, 2000 in India, leaving behind the luminous memory of a fervent fighter against injustice. Founder of Terre des Hommes and Sentinelles, he was committed to helping oppressed and exploited children, victims of hunger and sex tourism. La Grâce du monde brings together a collection of unpublished texts from the archives of Edmond Kaiser. A tribute to this man who was both tough and tender, who knew how to bring out the best in everyone.