The Vaud Cantonal Archives are pleased to present an enhancement  of the Sentinelles Foundation’s archives through the artistic intervention of the Marie-Louise collective. To be visited from 1 March.After a long process of analysis, evaluation and processing, the Sentinelles Foundation’s archives have been donated to the Vaud Cantonal Archives (ACV). While these archives can be consulted (in part) in the ACV reading room, the inventory has been accessible online since October 2020.

The Cantonal Archives, in collaboration with Sentinelles, have chosen to promote this donation by organising an online conference on Noma, followed by an exhibition of drawings, since 1 March in the ACV reception hall.

The ACV commissioned the Marie-Louise Collective, made up of artists from the region who had access to part of the Sentinelles archives. Through their drawings, these artists offer their vision of these files and of the work of Sentinelles with children suffering from Noma disease.

Guided tours of the exhibition and of the Cantonal Archives will take place, upon registration (limit of 10 people per group):

– Thursday 27 May at 5.30 pm
– Wednesday 2 June at 12.30 pm
– Monday 7 June at 5.30 pm

Registration: or 021 316 37 11.