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Niger: Noma, appalling disease of misery and malnutrition

19.06.2015: Le Point sheds light on the action of Sentinelles in Niger to help victims of noma.

Mourdja and Seymi are not the only ones. Since 2010, each year, an average of 45 new victims have been cared by the Sentinelles Foundation in Niger. Help us by making a donation! Click here to learn more about noma and our programs to fight this disease in Burkina Faso and Niger.

Photo © AFP - Issouf Sanogo

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35 years of Sentinelles activities

The daily 24heures, June 6, 2015, looks back on Sentinelles' 35 years of service to the rescue of bruised innocence and particularly on its work with talibé children in Senegal.