The Foundation

Created in 1980 by Edmond Kaiser, Sentinelles is destined to help those in deep distress.


The little person

If I know that a little person needs to have a torn off leg and thus a bearable life given back to him, I will return them. Without first counting the thousands of other little ones before comforting him, before taking action.
Acknowledging his rights is just. Even if it is odious that at the same time their rights are not accorded to the others. If I cannot do it for a whole nation, I can at least do it for one creature. And from one to the other, on and on, if we all act, we can reach around the world.

Policy Line

The sense of the sacred and the sense of urgency

Natural interference in the internal affairs of mankind. Seeking and finding the tormented innocent. Alarm, rescue and follow-up. Support. And a vigilant struggle against that which crushes them.

Ways and Means


Voluntary or modestly salaried, reliable and humble, committed to serving the most tormented, respecting the donors’ wishes.


The general public, with donations continuously offered to alleviate the suffering of others.


Professional people, generous, without remuneration, the result of their work, - their knowledge, their talent, their experience, their honest workmanship.